New Generation of WPC Decking

WINDI Co-Extrusion Composite Decking Is The New Generation Made By Co-Extrusion, Which Is The Latest Technology In The Industry. Co-Extrusion Decking Is Composed Of Core And Cover. The Core Is Just The Traditional Wpc Decking, Which Is Sufficiently Ensure The Strength Of Materials. The Cover Protects From Color-Fading Away, Water-Absorption And With Longer Usage Time. 

What Is Co-Extrusion Composite Decking?

Co-Extrusion Is Also Called “Capped” Or “Cover” Deck. It Is Important Distinction To Note Because That Earlier Generations Of Composite Decking Were Uncapped, The Big Difference Is That Co-Extrusion Composite Decking Has A “Cover” That Provides Added Protection Against The Elements And Everyday Living. As A Result, They Were Far More Vulnerable To Staining And Fading.  WINDI Co-Extrusion Decking, The Core Is The Traditional Wood Plastic Composite Materials (Along With Our G Series And H Series Traditional Decking), While The Extruded Surface Is Made Of Multi Engineer Plastic With An Outer Shell Of Plastic That Completely Encapsulates The Board In An Impermeable Layer Of Protection From Scratches, Stain And Fading. The Extrusion Process Creates The Decking With Highly Durable, Long Lasting And Resistant To Staining, Fading And Relative Impact.

Installation Sketch Map